How We Benefit The End-User

Atlantic Electrical is not your typical electrical distribution company. We are lighting consultants who will not only help you select the best products and solutions for your project but will also pair you with the most qualified contractor when both rebates and installation services are required.

Rebate programs can vary drastically depending on your location, kwh usage, company type, and the type of product being used however, if you only give consideration to one of these qualifiers, you may be leaving money on the table. In order to fully maximize the project’s ROI, you also have to work with the right vendor.

Knowing what to use is only half the equation; knowing who to use is the other. Not all vendors offer the same services and thus, the incentives can vary greatly. Atlantic has relationships with most of the top contractors, electricians, vendors and ESCO’s and can help you find the best solution and as well as the best installer.