5G3 Light Tube
Interior Light Tubes

LED Tubes

LED Tubes are great low-cost solution to replace existing fluorescent lamps. We are distributors of high-quality, proven products, that will meet your requirements.

There are many different solutions available today. UL has several categories of LED tubes:
Type A tubes: These tubes have an internal driver that allow it to work off the existing fluorescent ballast. Easy to install, but LED tubes are not compatible with all existing ballast types.

Type B tubes: Like the Type A, the Type B tube has an internal driver. The difference is the driver is powered directly be the line voltage supplied to the existing fixture. This is a fast retrofit and uses less energy since there is no ballast. Since line voltage is going through the sockets, it is recommended to replace the existing sockets. It is important to follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Type C tubes: This tube works of off an external driver. The line voltage is powering the driver and low voltage is wired to the sockets. A driver can typically power up to four linear tubes.

LED Bar Kit

LED Barkits

LED Barkits are a simple, effective solution for retrofitting fixtures. Unique magnetic design allows for a quick installation and fits in between the existing sockets.

LED Light Panels

LED Fixtures

LED troffer and panel fixtures come in many styles. DLC and DLC Premium fixtures are readily available and qualify for utility incentives. We partner with top manufacturers. Let us assist you in lowering your energy usage and improving the aesthetics of your space.

LED Area Light

LED Area Lighting

Maintenance is a big expense for existing HID exterior lighting. Replacing the HID shoebox lighting with new LED lighting will reduce maintenance costs and improve the light quality for your parking lot. Many different styles, mounts, and colors to choose from.

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs and Floods

Light up your entry with LED Wall Packs and Flood lights. Also great for security lighting around your building. All products we carry are eligible for utility incentives. Can reduce energy consumption up 75% vs traditional HID Wall Packs and Flood lights.

LED Flood Lights