Incentive programs can vary drastically depending on your location, kwh usage, company type, and the type of product being used however, if you only give consideration to one of these qualifiers, you may be leaving money on the table. In order to fully maximize the project’s ROI, you also have to work with the right vendor.

Knowing what to use is only half the equation; knowing who to use is the other. Not all vendors offer the same services and thus, the incentives can vary greatly. Atlantic has relationships with most of the top contractors, electricians, vendors and ESCO’s and can help you find the best solution and as well as the best installer.

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Our Services

Atlantic Electrical is a unique distributor with expertise in several key areas

  • We have a thorough understanding of all the local utility rebate program and partners
  • We have an extensive list of end-user relationships that turn to us for LED advice
  • We have partnerships with dozens of the top contractors, electricians, ESCO’s and lighting manufacturers

When combined, these skill sets create a value-added experience for your energy efficiency projects. Our services enable our customers to maximize their Return on Investment while minimizing the time and effort otherwise spent researching options.

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Our Value Proposition

Utility Incentive Management: Atlantic Electrical can manage all of your incentive procurement needs. We understand that gaining maximum rebate dollars with all the various incentive programs throughout the country can be a significant challenge. Our strength lies in our ability to develop and leverage utility relationships that, in turn, keeps us on the forefront of the latest products and technologies. Atlantic Electrical is able to manage this process for our clients by maximizing the return in dollars.

Sales Expertise: Atlantic Electrical has over 50 years of combined experience selling complex, sophisticated, value-added projects that produce best-in-class industry results. Partnering with a distributor that has a unique in-depth understanding of how to navigate the utility programs, and one that is also well versed in the latest LED technologies, performance, and products is invaluable. Let Atlantic Electrical partner with you to manage your project from start to finish.

Distribution: Atlantic has the best in class solutions from all the top LED manufactures in the industry. We can support your sourcing needs through our service and logistics capabilities while at the same time offering a wide variety of manufacturers at competitive pricing levels.

Turnkey Installation: Atlantic can assist in taking a project from the beginning contract stage to installation- handling all the logistics in-between. Our relationships with a large network of licensed electricians and installation teams can handle projects anywhere in the U.S.